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IMS Engineered Products is an AV rack manufacturer and has been a leader in the development of enclosure and mounting systems for 68 years. Our innovations have become the standard for housing electronics and data systems over that time, trusted by companies and institutions providing services that touch virtually every aspect of your daily life.


The world relies on us to provide protection for the equipment that tracks satellites, moves trillions of dollars every day, keeps track of vital health information and processes data about distant planets. From military installations to banks and hospitals, IMS Engineered Products provides stability and security for the information your world runs on.


Now IMS introduces Installer's Choice AV racks, rack accessories and connection boxes. We bring to your home or business the quality and precision the world's technological leaders have depended on for decades. Installer's Choice is our most advanced line of rack systems yet, providing customization and quality that is second to none in securing your AV components.


These products were designed with a mind toward the future of home entertainment equipment, providing a variety of seamless cable management solutions and accessories. We gathered a group of the industry's most experienced installers and used their input and expertise in developing Installer's Choice. The result is a line of rack systems that combine modern, streamlined design with an ease of use and flexibility that covers any installation level.


Trust your AV components with the same award-winning design and manufacturing excellence the world's largest financial, insurance, aviation and defense organizations have enjoyed since 1943. Installer's Choice: Better Built by Design.


IMS has sales representatives and customer service to provide extensive support when timing is critical. We can also supply skilled personnel to assist in all of your design and sales requirements.


We welcome visits to our manufacturing facility. We are conveniently located approximately five miles from Chicago’s O’Hare Airport.


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